We are happy to host a number of concerts throughout the year as part of the Conservatoire Concerts programme. The concerts usually last about 1.5 hours. Please contact the Administrator on for more information.

The upcoming dates are as follows:

* Saturday 25 June  -  A Baroque Concert performed on period instruments by Liturina   7pm

* Saturday 20th August - ( Still to be confirmed - Summer Concert with the participation of Members of the Surrey County Youth Orchestra & musicians from the London Conservatoires. )

* Saturday 10th September - 7 pm  A Violin & Cello recital by Musicians from Yehudi Menuhin School of music accompanied by Kan Tomita ( piano ) 

* Saturday 8th October

* Saturday 5th November

* Saturday 3rd December




* AUTISM  Saturday June 25th from 10am - 12pm. Coffee served at 9.30am. In this practical talk given by registered nurse Suzette Jones we will look at recognising the signs of Autism, where to get help & what we can do to encourage and care for those living with Autism. Cost £5. To reserve a space please contact Sally Pollard by Friday June 17th. Email: 

 * COMPASSION FATIGUE Saturday 10th September 9.30am - 12.30pm. Coffee served at 9.00am. In this workshop led by Jayne Ellis we will be aiming to strengthen your emotional resilience by exploring the set of symptoms you may experience when involved in helping others who are experiencing distress or trauma. Hopefully this will lead to some simple self-care strategies. Cost £9. To reserve a space please contact Sally Pollard by Friday 26th August. Email:

* GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY Saturday 8th October 10am - 12.00pm. Coffee served at 9.30am. Led by Dr Martin Brunet, GP at Binscombe Medical Centre. Looking at the physiology of aging, what really matters for staying healthy & changing priorities in old age. For those getting older and the children & grand children of older people to understand how to best help their older relatives. Free of charge - Voluntary donation towards the Farncombe Community Garden - an exciting new community project to promote well being. To reserve a space please contact Sally Pollard by Friday 30th September. Email:

* BEREAVEMENT Saturday 29th October. 9.30am - 4.00pm. Coffee served at 9.00am. Led by Peter Jackson. With the universal experience of death & bereavement, this course is equally helpful for those of any or no faith. In a safe environment there is an opportunity to listen to prepared talks and to share confidentially in smaller groups. This course is also suitable for those wanting to know how to support others going through bearevement. ( We recommend that people do not attend within 3 months of suffering bereavement. Those coming are welcome to bring someone with them to support them. ) Free of charge but the speaker invites your voluntary contribution towards the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. To reserve a space please contact Sally Pollard by Friday 14th October. Email:

* COME & BE COLOURFUL Saturday 12th November. 10am - 12.00pm. Coffee served at 9.30am. Led by Fiona Stephenson & Kathleen Smith. Our differences all add to the beautiful colour of life but can lead to misunderstanding & conflict. Understanding more about your natural preferences and how you may see things differently to others can help to build better relationships and stronger teams.

C-me profiling is an insightful and enjoyeable way to learn more about ourselves and how we interact with others who may have very different styles to ourselves. This builds self awareness & improves how we relate to each other. Colours are used to describe our different preferences so it is easy to remember.

£5 cost. To reserve a space please contact Sally Pollard by Tuesday 1st November. Email: