Jackie Farrow


What do you do Monday to Friday:

I used to be a librarian (ssh!), working for The Guardian as a researcher and then was Information Manager for the environmental charity WWF, but since having children I've changed direction and am now a Teaching Assistant at a local Junior School in the mornings, and a Special Needs TA at an Infant School in the afternoons. I also have my own business running children's art classes and parties (and getting very glittery).

Like and dislikes:

I love dancing (badly, but with enthusiasm), picnics, paddling, camping and running.  I don't like runny egg-whites, kangaroos or jazz.

Family, Children, Pets:

I am married to Matt and have two children - Molly (7) and Charlie (5). Our two cats enjoy sitting on important documents. Our house is bulging at the seams so I am planning to build an extension out of Lego.

Two Sentence Testimony:

I grew up as part of the church family of Frinton Free Church, and consciously gave my life to Jesus at a Billy Graham mission when I was 10. I drifted away from God in my 20s but luckily for me, He is a loving and patient Father and guided me to Queen Street in 2006. Any thoughts of hiding at the back of the church and not having to talk to anyone were scuppered by Jim Brunt!